How Do I Get A Publishing Deal With A Traditonal Publisher?

Today, in determining whether to offer a book publishing deal, traditional publishers require that authors have a platform. In other words, it is a prerequisite that authors have a well-established online presence and/or a following, if you want to get a publishing deal. If you don’t, you’re completely out of luck, being left with fewer publishing options.

With the distribution power that traditional publishers have, it can be frustrating to aspiring authors, especially when they know that they have a book with a lot of potential. But all is not lost, at least not with the more innovative traditional publisher, Prominent Books, LLC.

Even if you pass the first prerequisite by being well established on the Internet and/or offline, most publishers are now requiring that their author-clients have a stake in the game. It is not uncommon to be asked to purchase $20,000 worth of books as part of the publishing deal.

Prominent Books does not see this as a bad thing, but we believe that an author’s money could be better invested in their own empowerment. Forcing someone to sell books is no solution if one doesn’t know how to sell books.

Our beef with the industry is that publishers take no responsibility for their author-clients’ success. With that business model, authors either have to know what they’re doing or they will be certain to fail. This is not a win-win scenario; a scenario Prominent Books chooses to be no part of.

Instead, book industry expert and president of Prominent Books, Robert Nahas, has created a completely new paradigm in book publishing. This visionary approach includes requiring that author-clients invest in themselves by getting the training and education necessary for increasing one’s ability to build a following, sell books and possibly even create a business empire through a long term business-minded approach to being an author. After all, being an author IS being in business.

“We will only accept entrepreneur-minded authors as our clients,” says Robert Nahas. “Besides having a good book, one needs to know what to do, and be willing to work hard, in order to make a success of things.”

How is Prominent Books getting directly involved in the success of their authors? By getting involved with developing training courses and information from the most basic level to much more advanced business and online success tactics.

“To date, there is very little information specifically for authors,” says Robert Nahas. “I know because I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs who want to be authors since the late 90s and there has been little-to-nothing out there for authors.”

Through 35 years of entrepreneur business experience and more than a decade of trial-and-error specifically in the book industry, Robert Nahas has uncovered many successful actions for authors. Much of these discoveries are going into courses and materials that will be exclusively offered to Prominent Books author-clients. Business know-how will be offered as well.

This visionary approach changes the face of the book publishing world and offers a rare opportunity for authors to change their lives. Courses, materials and other things like interviews, online seminars and live interactive meetings with industry experts, will be available in an online member’s only venue that can be accessed anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

Now, instead of authors spending money haphazardly into one-shot marketing campaigns and costly, random promotional efforts, they can align their goals, invest in themselves and become more savvy and effective over time, creating greater potential for long term success. They can move at their own pace and access the member site whenever they want, day or night. Without a doubt, this is a win-win scenario that we have never seen the likes of before.

Business and entrepreneurship is an on-going affair of learning more and more about how to succeed, new trends, important business basics and ways to run a successful business as an author or entrepreneur. Our perspective is, authors are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs should be authors. Therefore, our ideal clients are entrepreneur-minded authors.

If you believe you fit the bill for being a Prominent Books author by:

  • being willing to take responsibility for your own success by knowing what to do
  • being willing to work hard
  • having the guts to take risks and do what it takes
  • having the patience and fortitude to keep moving forward,

. . . then fill out our their acceptance form by clicking here >>> Prominent Books Author Acceptance Form <<< to be considered for their publishing program.  

In any case, we hope that this information has been helpful and perhaps encouraging in helping you to become a successful entrepreneur and published author! 

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